Saturday, November 13, 2004

Last Dinner at Home

The war is heating up. Daily report tells us that Mosul is now in uproar and Baghdad is still closed but we are leaving anyway because we are priority. Kris tells us that all LZ's will be hot. We leave tommorow at 10pm but that means we will form up at 2pm to pick up our orders. We head to the airport at 5pm for the 10 pm flight. Kris says 'lives have been saved' and we know what that means. We will be finally making a difference in this conflict. We have a late dinner but we only discuss small talk. This one's wife, that one's kid. We all have our mind elsewhere and we all drink too much. I don't know about the other guys but I know I am scared. Some of the other guys are blissfully ignorant but I am not--I worry alot about my wife and kids---I know the mission is good, but the finality of leaving the Continent weighs on me.

Next stop is **** via ****. Over 20 hours with the *** guys and no drinking allowed to maker the flight easy. No smoking either so that means us non-smokers will have to deal with the smokers climbing the walls of the aircraft within 3 hours after takeoff. The anticipation of it all is painful. We don't want to leave but at the same time we want to get it over with. Everyone is nervous, even us 'battle hardended' vets who have been here before. I think having no intel is better that too much intel.

We have a really nice dinner and get drunk very quietly. Some of the single guys go out, the rest of us go to bed early. I call my wife.

Tommorow will be a busy day. I wonder if I've made the right decision. Yeah, of course I have.

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