Wednesday, September 29, 2004

How it all Started

I am a fireman (firefighter for you politically correct types) and have been one for a while. While I am self-employed, I have been looking for work as a fireman--I love being a fireman. There is just something really rewarding about it--it's challenging, difficult, sometimes tedious work but not since I was in the military have I felt such reward. When the opportunity arose to work, as a firefighter for the US Military in Iraq, I jumped at the opportunity. Not that I really expected to be offered a position.

Much to the chagrin of my wife and family, I was offered the job and after careful consideration I accepted.

My interview was over the phone and a little strange. They were more concerned that I understood that I was going into a combat zone. The interview went very well and I was told that I would be informed of an offer within 3 days. The next morning I recieved the offer via Fedex(?!).

My wife and I began discussion about it--that was the toughest part. I would be away for a year. It was worth discussing. the money was pretty good, benefits were excellent, and I would get to come home every 4 months for 10 days on the company. In return I was to be in Iraq, helping the military guys by doing facility fire protection. The challenges included the heat, constant threat of violence, kidnapping and shootings (sounds like Brooklyn in the summer). I'm not too worried about that-this was Green Zone work--the hardest challenge would be being away from my family.

Of course the really important part of the job would be that I can support the effort there to rebuild the country. My own way of contributing to this war.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


ok--So here we go--If you're a peacenik type or someone wanting to save the whales, I'm sorry this is not the blog for you. This blog is about me, Jim and my mission. I will explain later but I've decided to set up this blog so that my friends, my loving family and my children can track my life over the next year. Like many have done, I am preparing to deploy to Iraq. I am not with the military because I am a 'specialist' and a contractor.

Now I know that contractor's are being beheaded (as my wife, mother and mother-in-law remind me on a daily basis) but, while I admit causes me alarm, I am not an innocent as I understand what I am putting myself into---

Because I am a contractor, I am going to be under some restriction for security reasons. My wife, has requested that she not be named and for my own security (for the obvious reason that civilian contractors are a target) I will not give out my last name. If you are a friend or family, you are here because I invited you and you know who I am--if you just wandered in, I am just Jim and I am representative of many who have decided to do this (insane?) thing that I am doing. Some background first, then on to my crazy blog name later.

I am a US citizen age 38. I have 3 children and am married. I am a military veteran of the US Marines from 1985-1992. I am a Gulf War (the first one) Vet but did not see any fighting. I own a business (Internet Related) that is more or less successful (I am not a bazillionaire). I am a licensed pilot, I love baseball and taking my kids to amusement parks.

I am due to leave after the US elections to go to Iraq. I am obviously very nervous but I will go (barring any outside problems) because of several reasons.

You may ask 'why someone with a family, would do such a thing? Put themselves in danger, in a warzone where it appears that utter chaos reigns. That is a fair question. Many may think it is the money. While the money is pretty good--no one who does not believe in the mission of the US in the middle east would go--no matter how much money is offered. That is my main reason (fault?). I beleive that a free and democratic Iraq, would only benefit the world. I understand that the terrorists want us to say 'no way, not me, I'm not going', so I am going to go-just to be defiant!

More later---time now to organize my thoughts and send off a copy of my passport to my employer--

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Upcoming Vote

Well, I was hoping to know how the election turned out before I left for Iraq but it now appears that the Traitor Kerry is lining up 10,000 lawyers to sue the American Electoral system to a standstill. My largest worry is that the Traitor Kerry will leave us high and dry over there subject to the murderous whims of the Monster al-zarqawi.

On a lighter note--took the family to KD for the weekend. Last big vacation with the family for at least a year. It was quite fun but at the same time a little sad for me....

Got my pre-deployment physical this week, don't expect too much trouble there. Just a lot of probing and prodding (if you've been in the military you'd understand). Also have a lot of things to get settled before I go in November. News today showed a KBR employee killed by a random mortar attack. Hate that random shit. Polls look good for Bush at this point. I'm hopefull.