Saturday, September 18, 2004

Upcoming Vote

Well, I was hoping to know how the election turned out before I left for Iraq but it now appears that the Traitor Kerry is lining up 10,000 lawyers to sue the American Electoral system to a standstill. My largest worry is that the Traitor Kerry will leave us high and dry over there subject to the murderous whims of the Monster al-zarqawi.

On a lighter note--took the family to KD for the weekend. Last big vacation with the family for at least a year. It was quite fun but at the same time a little sad for me....

Got my pre-deployment physical this week, don't expect too much trouble there. Just a lot of probing and prodding (if you've been in the military you'd understand). Also have a lot of things to get settled before I go in November. News today showed a KBR employee killed by a random mortar attack. Hate that random shit. Polls look good for Bush at this point. I'm hopefull.

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