Monday, October 4, 2004


Sent off the first of 2 large packets last week. Mostly insurance forms and ID paperwork. Recieved my passport and sent a copy of that 2. Ordered uniforms as recommended by Company. Last packet is my medical evaluation (it's pretty extensive). That I'll be doing next week~~meanwhile, this week I've got to secure some things with my business here and make preparations to take my kids away for a long weekend. My oldest is 14, he doesn't really mention my trip much. My 9 year old girl was upset at first but we discussed it and she is better about it. My 3 year old son does not understand, but he will be hardest hit I think because he won't really understand why I'm gone. Fortunately, the company has mandatory leaves scheduled at 120 day intervals, so it won't be a solid year like the military guys are having to do. I decided to take them out for the weekend to the 'special place' (an amusement park).

My wife is really unhappy about it but she is accepting of it. She understands my motivations (and it is not money). Still, she is apprehensive about the violence. I am too but the company is not new to this kind of thing. My major concern is the election and it effect on the situation. I'm afraid a Kerry presidency would incite even more violence as the terrorists would think that they are affecting public opinion here in the US. As a Veteran, a Bush supporter and someone who takes honor and patriotism seriously, I think a Kerry Presidency would be pretty disasterous and I may not go if he is elected. (I may be more needed here as I feel the terrorists would strike here, especially if Kerry pulls the troops out of Iraq before the country is stabilized). Anyway until that occurs, I move toward the date I leave preparing to go~~