Monday, January 9, 2006

The Return

All I kept thinking was "what the hell was I thinking?". Anyway, I went back. First we stop in Houston and then back to Baghdad. Houston was the usual, paperwork and waiting in lines but at least since we were second year retreads there was none of the "hand holding" there was last year. Also, since it is the first group of the year, we have no new guys so we don't have to hold anyone elses hand.

The Flight from Houston was easy but this time we stopped in Amsterdam. That was interesting. We had a six hour layover so we went down town to do some site seeing. Jonas rented a car and put a little doo dad on the roof (GPS) and we went downtown. Of course it was a Sunday morning at 6 am so there wasn't a whole lot going on. The city had all that European Charm you would expect but the whole place smelled like mary jane :))

After we got back on the plane, we arrived in the UAE to the wonderful club Sharja--where we were locked in our rooms for 24 hours before getting on the crazy ivan for Baghdad.

It was great to see the guys again.