Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Election Results and Airline Tickets

Well, the election is in and all in my house are relieved. While I still think what Kerry did in 1971 was not only wrong but treasonous, I do respect his decision not to legally persue a recount and sent his legions of lawyer minions to disrupt the electoral process. I think what he did had class and was the right thing for him to do--maybe there is hope for the Democratic Party after all...

While watching the wrangling going on this morning, Fedex arrived at my door with Airline Tickets to Houston. It is really going to happen. All this time in my preparations, it never really occured to me that I was going to go. Oh when I was in the Marines, I used to deploy all the time and quite enjoyed the travel, even if it was under hostile conditions. This time however, it is a very heavy hearted decision to go. I do have 3 children now so leaving them is very very very very very very difficult.

I think of the thousands of families here in the US that must endure the same agony. I think of the other families of soldiers from the other coalition partners who must also endure. Finally I remember our courageous Iraqi brother that struggle to rebuild their country among the insurrectionists and terrorists that threaten to destroy everything in Iraq (and in the US if they had thier chance).

I think of the families of the over 1000 fighting men who have died, the 70+ civilian contractors who have perished, the 3000 of 9/11. I feel that all this death cannot be let to go to waste. Maybe I am an optimist, maybe a fool-but at the very least I must try for my kids sake to do everything I can do to play whatever part I have to to end this conflict. If that means I go to Iraq to do a job that will give one of our soldiers a rest, then that is what I will do.

The election results make it much easier for me. The majority of US citizens believe as I do, that Presidnet Bush has the right idea and vision.

One can only hope at this point. I leave on Monday.

One of the fire departments I am going to is already busy on thier base--check that out here

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