Sunday, November 14, 2004


We flew last night from Houston and the flight was absolutely horrible. 400 KBR folks and us piled into an MD-11 with domestic seating (they are not as wide). It was a 16 hour flight and I felt like every minute sucked. We landed in Germany for fuel but they would not let us out of the plane (that would have required visas so..). I ended up with a cramp from my nose to my toes.

We flew into Kuwait International at around 2 am local time. We are to be shuttled from the airport to an undisclosed location on the Persian Gulf. The location is nice but worn down badly. No bathrooms are around so you can imagine that we had to improvise. The sunrise over the gulf was pretty dramatic and was momentous for us. The airspace restriction in Iraq is playing havoc with everyones travel. We don't stay long in Kuwait but we are split up to better enable our getting in to Baghdad. I am due to travel via MILAIR alone. Should be interesting.

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